Canning Ladles

Where was this ladle when I was looking for one for canning?

RSVP Canning Ladle
RSVP Canning Ladle

A year ago I went on a search for a ladle to use for canning. I wanted something stainless, something with a long handle and something that would hold a lot of product to fill jars quickly. I eventually went with a commercial food service ladle that held 8 ounces.

Before I settled on that one, I had found one with a rim around the edge that was supposed to prevent drips. It worked well and was a high quality product, but the handle was too short for a deep stockpot, and it was also heavy.

I’m going to have to try this one because I’ve often wished for pouring spouts! It also holds 8 ounces.

I also noticed another stainless canning ladle that is a little smaller at only 6 ounces. There are also two plastic ones. While I’m not fond of plastic, the Progressive International Canning Scoop looks interesting because of its shape – it should get into pot corners very well. But it appears to have a very short handle.

If anyone else has this – or if you decide to try it, please leave me comments below. I’ll update this post with my thoughts on it after I get a chance to try it this canning season.