Bosch Universal Mixer Small Batch Dough Divider

Does the Bosch Universal handle small batches of dough? Do you have to have the dough divider?

People always ask how the Bosch Universal mixer handles small batches of dough and whether the dough divider (also called the small-batch attachment) is necessary.

My opinion is that the mixer and small batches get along just fine and that the divider is unneeded. You can make up your own mind by watching my Universal knead a batch of challah dough that uses only 338 grams of flour:

4 comments on “Bosch Universal Mixer Small Batch Dough Divider

  1. Hi!

    can you specify in what order did you put all the ingredients? I tried to follow but the dough is always stick to the middle (with the dough divder and without it…)

    • In my experience, it doesn’t matter the order in which the ingredients are added. Wet and sticky doughs tend to gather around the middle in the do-nut shaped bowls.

      The only bowl that I know of that shouldn’t be bothered by small batches or sticky doughs is the original-style stainless bowl with the dough hook mounted on the bottom.


  2. do you have to start off with dry in or wet ingredients…what If I mixed the dough up and put it in this mixer to finish it….would that work?

    • Erin,

      My opinion is that it’s a mixer and should do all the mixing for you – and if it doesn’t it’s not doing its job.

      You can certainly do a mix first and then finish in the mixer, though.


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