Nancy Curtis’ Vintage Bread Pans

Two vintage bread pans from Nancy’s collection:

Two-Piece, smooth pan, the other side slips together with tabs and slots:

Hinged, ridged pan with viewing windows:

Check the rise of your dough by peeping through those windows:

The ridged pan, open at the hinge:

Freshly-baked bread cooling in the ridged pan:

Bread baked in the ridged pan:

Courtesy Nancy Curtis

Curtain-Rod Potracks

Having a very small kitchen leads to having to come up with innovative ways to store all ones stuff. There was room above the three doorways in the kitchen, so …

Simple black curtain rods bought at Wal-Mart with heavier-duty black brackets bought at Lowes. This rod was originally bowing / sagging under the weight of everything I had hanging on it, so I added two extra brackets (for a total of 5) and put wooden dowel rods on the inside of the rod as reinforcement.


The copper corner brackets were added later as reinforcements. They also were bought at Lowes and will eventually be painted black. The S-hooks are shower-curtain hooks from Wal-Mart, and again, will eventually get painted black.