Canning Equipment

Kook Kwick Best Made Canner
This canner holds 14 quart jars.

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  1. Hi Jim, You suggested I show you my follow up results after refurbishing my little Seachrist 4 qt jar cooker/canner. Well, I put a 3 part jiggler weight and a new steam gauge dial on the lid and left the antique steam relief valve in place. The old gauge, I thought was really vintage and looked neat compared to the new one. Oh well. Since the canner is not compatible with my glass top stove (not a flat bottom, it has an indented stamped bottom) I moved outside to the garage with open doors and used this little jewel on a turkey propane cooker. All went very well and I canned 6 pts of baby potatoes with onions and 4 pts of sweet orange carrots. The jiggler and the dial was one pound off with the jiggler starting to wiggle at 12 pounds of pressure. It is amazing to me that this little canner is 106 years old and works as it did for our great grand mother’s time. I have included pictures and I hope they will come through for you.
    Thank you for your help and suggestions.
    Ruth Amy James/cannaholic

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