Electrolux Assistent DLX Mixer Model N4 Manual

Scans of the manual pages included with my new-to-me vintage Electrolux Assistent N4 mixer. The N4 dates from the 1950’s.

The writing in the corner says: “people moving in in the apartment and the sweets aren’t clean” … I’m assuming they meant “sheets.”

Potato washing? I wouldn’t have thought of that one!



This page shows the attachments for the meat grinder:


I’ve compiled the above images into a downloadable PDF file.
Electrolux Assistant N4 Manual

7 comments on “Electrolux Assistent DLX Mixer Model N4 Manual

  1. Oh my good! I have that model of Electrolux Assistent. My mother in law got it from his uncle in 1950 and she gave it to me when I married her son in 1984. It has been with me since then, using it all the time. I even prepare pizza and bread dough with it and with its powerful motor has never let me down. The capacity of the bowl allows me to mix 1.5 Kg flour cakes and the open space at the top allows me to add the ingredients without turning the motor off, since the motor is at the bottom of the bowl. This beauty has never required any repair and it has been running non stop for 71 years. I love it and will not replace it for any of the new kitchen machines in the market!!

  2. I have a similar model. However I need to replace the roller that is broken from aging . Can you let me know where I can purchase one online. I am living in the Caribbean. My island name is Trinidad& 🇹🇹.

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