Improvised Steam Juicer using a Presto Canner

I had heard of steam juicers but didn’t want to spend the money for one. I decided I needed to test out the concept and make my own. This is one of my improvised juicers. I used a pasta pot for this one and a pasta pot for the other one.

The cast:

17 quart Presto Pressure Canner (bottom)
3 stainless bowls
stainless colander (5 quart, with handles squished in to fit)
small steamer basket (from a pressure cooker, actually (and no, I didn’t get the hard water film off before I took the pictures:)))

Be Aware:  Removing the juice bowl can be tricky! There is a lot of steam and hot liquid!


Use the small steamer basket to get the juice bowl up out of the water:

Toss in the smaller of the two large bowls to collect the juice:

Add the smallest bowl to lift the colander out of the juice:

Add the colander:

And a lid to trap the steam:



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