Interesting Canning Jar Seal Failure

They didn’t finish the jar!

I guess most people who can check the rim of their jars for nicks or chips. I typically run my finger around the edge to feel for them. This didn’t exactly work in this case.

When the lid on this jar didn’t seal, I looked at the rim of the jar to try and figure out the problem. And then, I looked again. It took me a good while to see it.

One section of the rim looks like it was just starved for glass in the manufacturing process. It’s nice and smooth – which is why I didn’t feel anything – but it’s apparently too thin to hold a seal.

I’m going to have to start inspecting more closely!

This canning jar didn't get its full share of glass at the factory!

Thin-rimmed canning jar.

Not enough glass in this canning jar.

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