Soup Beans

1 pound dried pinto beans
2 inch square (approximate) salt bacon

Carefully look over beans for tiny rocks and faulty beans, then wash 2 or 3 times, being sure all sand is washed out.

Put into a large kettle, cover with water and bring to a boil. Pour off this water, then place beans back into large kettle, covering them with about two quarts of water.

After cooking about 1 hour add salt to taste and (washed) piece of bacon (which has been sliced 2 or 3 times down to, but not through the rind).

Cook slowly about 3 more hours, adding a cup of water, off and on as needed to have amount of soup wanted with beans and to prevent them from cooking dry. Stir now and then.

A good consistency for the soup is attained by stirring occasionally during the cooking.

Note: to reduce cooking time, soak the beans overnight in water to cover. (Wash before soaking)

Submitted by Ella Robbins
Daughter of Ruby & Roy Stewart 

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