Nancy Curtis’ Vintage Bread Pans

Two vintage bread pans from Nancy’s collection:

Two-Piece, smooth pan, the other side slips together with tabs and slots:

Hinged, ridged pan with viewing windows:

Check the rise of your dough by peeping through those windows:

The ridged pan, open at the hinge:

Freshly-baked bread cooling in the ridged pan:

Bread baked in the ridged pan:

Courtesy Nancy Curtis

4 comments on “Nancy Curtis’ Vintage Bread Pans

  1. Where can I find bread pans like the smooth seedy? My brother in law has a set from his mom but they have some holes inn them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Julie

    • Jane,

      I could only suggest searching eBay’s completed auctions for something similar and basing your price on that.


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