Bosch Continuous-Feed Slicer-Shredder

Not in current production, these slicer-shredders are attachments for your Bosch Universal Mixer. They use the same disks as their current slicer-shredder attachment. In the older literature these were called extrusion shredders.

You can right-click to download the extrusion shredder manual in pdf format.

This model appears to be older:


Another model extrusion shredder, this one appears to be a newer design than the above model:

3 comments on “Bosch Continuous-Feed Slicer-Shredder

  1. I have a Bosch mixer with food processor attachment that is a continuous shredder. This unit also has a separate blender, and I would guess it is at least 40 years old. The plungers on the food processor unit that looks like the above model, an older extrusion shredder, needs to be replaced as the larger pusher plunger is cracking on across the top and the smaller pusher/plunger the top cracked off. Is there any chance that theses parts are available? Bob Harr at in Utah gave me 2 parts # that mught be compatible. These are 05680 and 05639. The only identifying marks on the Bosch are on a sticker on the bottom that reads BestNR.0710012101.

    • Arlene,

      I can only suggest contacting dealers such as If they don’t have them or can’t put you in contact with someone that does, I have no further information to offer.



  2. Thanks for this. I happened upon this piece and am glad to see use instructions for it. Very helpful. Thank you!

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