Bosch Mixer Manufacturing Dates

When was your mixer made?

Did you ever wonder when Bosch made your mixer? It’s been a topic of discussion on the Mixer-Owners Yahoo Group recently, with some talk back and forth with the Bosch importer, L’Equip.

On the bottom of your mixer, you should find a sticker with an “FD Number.” It will be in the form of the letters “FD” followed by 4 numbers: FDxxxx.

The last two numbers correspond to the month the mixer was made. 01 would be January, 12 would be December. That’s the simple part. To determine the year requires math.

The math goes something like this: add 20 to the first two numbers in the “FD Number” and the last two numbers of that number correspond to the last two numbers of the year. Got that?

Let’s take FD7909 as an example. 79 + 20 is 99, so FD7909 was made in September of 1999.

How about FD9104? 91 + 20 is 110, so we take only the last two numbers and come up with 2010. FD9104 was made in April of 2010.

I don’t like math. Never did. Let’s make a chart!

Note: I continued this chart back to 1980 and forward to 2019. There was a model change in 1984, so it makes sense that this chart will not be accurate before 1984, and, of course, I can’t guarantee it will be accurate in the future.

FD Number

Year of Manufacture

FD60xx 1980
FD61xx 1981
FD62xx 1982
FD63xx 1983
FD64xx 1984
FD65xx 1985
FD66xx 1986
FD67xx 1987
FD68xx 1988
FD69xx 1989
FD70xx 1990
FD71xx 1991
FD72xx 1992
FD73xx 1993
FD74xx 1994
FD75xx 1995
FD76xx 1996
FD77xx 1997
FD78xx 1998
FD79xx 1999
FD80xx 2000
FD81xx 2001
FD82xx 2002
FD83xx 2003
FD84xx 2004
FD85xx 2005
FD86xx 2006
FD87xx 2007
FD88xx 2008
FD89xx 2009
FD90xx 2010
FD91xx 2011
FD92xx 2012
FD93xx 2013
FD94xx 2014
FD95xx 2015
FD96xx 2016
FD97xx 2017
FD98xx 2018
FD99xx 2019

5 comments on “Bosch Mixer Manufacturing Dates

  1. Same here. I’d like to figure out which model I actually just bought 🙂 It’s definitely an older one. The only sticker says:

    Best. Nr. 0 710 012 101
    110-115V AC 50-60 CY

    It doesn’t indicate watts or amps, so I can’t figure out the motor size. It has the old shape body, with only four positions on the control: pulse, off, low speed (“I”), and high speed (“II”)

    • Fiona,

      My guess without seeing it would be: UM3. If I recall correctly, that would be the one that would be the old shape and only two speeds.


  2. Old style, no FD
    mine reads:
    Typ MUM 60 40 70
    0710 012 520
    120V 60Hz a c 700 W max.
    Made in Germany – FABRIQUE EN T.F.A
    Would be great if someone who knows more would help us.

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