Mus-go Beef Balls

Gotta explain “bout th’ name “mus-go”. That means anything in the ice-box thet you’re too pore to throwaway an’ to proud too set for company. Jest fancy it up and call it “mus-go” and then feed it to family or company.

1 pound left over beef (roast or steak)
2 cups fine rolled crackers or bread crumbs
Lemon and Onions
Milk (or gravy)
2 eggs
Salt and pepper

Take the cold left over beef – cut off all gristle and bone and hash it fine. Combine with the crackers or crumbs, milk or gravy to moisten, eggs, season to taste with salt, pepper, lemon and onions.

Let it stand till it swells, and then make it into patties or rolls.

Brown in deep fat – consisting of 1/2 butter.

Submitted by Lola Wilson

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