Presto 21-B Pressure Canner Manual

Operating instructions for Presto’s 21-B canner.

While this manual originally came with a 21-B, it can be used for the 16 quart model as well. It includes recipes and canning times. As this is a vintage manual, please take into account that the currently-recommended canning times may have changed. The University of Georgia’s Center for Home Food Preservation is a great resource with USDA recommendations.

Models known to be compatible with this manual: 21-B, 16A, and 21A.

Click the link to see the manual in Adobe’s PDF format:
21-B Pressure Canner Manual

6 comments on “Presto 21-B Pressure Canner Manual

  1. Thank you for the pressure canner manual!
    I will like to subscribe to your site by my email but I do not know how to do it… !

  2. I have 3 OLD vintage presto 21 qt. Can’t find a # on them anywhere, to know what manual or replacement part numbers. Advise?

    • Connie,

      To my knowledge (and I’m not Presto), there are two basic models. The older cast-aluminum ones and the newer stamped aluminum ones. The old cast-aluminum ones mostly took the same parts between sub-models. The new ones mostly take the same parts between sub-models.

      If you have one of the old domed-lidded, cast-aluminum ones that use the flat seals, probably the parts listed on my 21-B pages will work, but without a real model number you’d have to try it and see. If they weren’t correct, you could have a potentially dangerous problem on your hands.

      You can try contacting Presto and see if they can help.


  3. Used canner to can 6 qts veg soup. Pressure is out canner now cold. Canner is locked can not open. What to do now number is. 21962. Can you help me please

    • Myra,

      That’s a tough one! Are all weights removed or petcocks opened? If so, I can only suggest brute strength (and making sure you are turning the lid the right way . . . don’t ask).

      Heating it up enough that the lid gets warm may help, I suppose.

      Sorry I can’t offer any better options.

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