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  1. regarding the switch. There are two, drivers, on the mixer, one in the very top of the motor, where you can put a blender, and the other where you put the mixing bowl. The switch has and reading clockwise, Position 0 at the 12 oclock mark, going to 1, 2, 0, and then 1, 2, and 0. What is the switch doing, I mean why two sets of speeds? Do they both sets of 1,2 speeds, run both drivers at the same time?

    • In short: Yes.

      These mixers have one motor but two different drives. The high-speed drive that is on top of the motor drives the blender and is a direct-drive connection. The low-speed drive that drives the bowl is run off the bottom of the motor via a transmission that slows the high speed down as well as increases torque to turn the dough hook in heavy doughs.

      So, the switch turns the motor on and both drives turn.

      In the case of this old Model 1, there are two speeds.

      Newer versions have 3-4 speeds as well as a momentary or “pulse” setting.


  2. there is also a switch , not to turn on the machine or to set the speed, to 1 or 2, but this switch is at the bottom of the machine, when is this used?

  3. I recently purchased a used Bosch Universal I mixer, complete with stainless steel dough hook, an enameled bowl, an aluminum splash guard and an aluminum lid (that fits into pins on the splash guard and has a tube for adding ingredients). The plate on the bottom indicates The only indication of age is that the plastic breaking on the cover for the blender base (there was no blender). There is no date but its serial number is 3727. Best of all, it had no problem kneading a 2 loaf batch of whole wheat bread. Let me know if you would like photos.

  4. I currently still own one of these. Only issue is the bearings are bad. Is there anywhere i can get it serviced? Guelph ontario

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