Vintage Electrolux DLX Mixer Double Beaters

I recently grabbed a vintage, 1950’s Electrolux Assistent mixer from eBay. Included with the mixer was this set of beaters.

They are angled when attached to the mixer, with a rubber drive wheel that turns the beaters when they are pressed against the rotating bowl. They are too tall to fit IN the bowl.

How were they supposed to be used? You have to press the drive wheel into the side of the bowl and use another mixing bowl on the counter?





2 comments on “Vintage Electrolux DLX Mixer Double Beaters

  1. Hi, you have a machine with a lot of missing parts if you have only this.

    Certanly, inside the bowl you need another part that is a roller but not to use with this beaters. You could use the beaters with only turn on the machine in the exactly way that you attach this parts.

    If you try to use the beaters inside the bowl you could scratch it inside.

    If you can’t find the other parts I would like to buy you this.

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