Bosch Universal Food Strainer

“Back in the day” Bosch seems to have made some pretty interesting attachments for the Universal mixer!

Here is their food mill or strainer taken from a manual for the “Bosch Food Mixer III.” (From the picture I think that’s a UM3 Classic Universal.) The strainer only worked with the “deluxe” model. The deluxe model was the mixer that shipped with the original dough-only bowl.

Does anyone have one???

Bosch Universal Mixer Strainer Attachment

Bosch Universal Mixer Strainer Attachment Instructions

Bosch Universal Mixer Strainer Attachment Instructions in German

2 comments on “Bosch Universal Food Strainer

  1. I have one, but I have missplaced the center post (shown with a spring around it). Know whrr I can get a replacement?

    • Scott,

      I couldn’t begin to offer a good suggestion on where you’d be able to replace that driveshaft.

      The only thing I can think of would be to contact some retailer such as Pleasant Hill Grain or the Bosch Kitchen Center in Sandy Utah. They both have parts for newer attachments and may be able to point you in the right direction.


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