Pressure Canner Refurbishment

Suggestions on fixing up an old canner.

Refurbishing and upgrading your old pressure canner.

If you have an old canner in a closet or found one at a yardsale, the following articles may help you get it working again. Please check with your local extension agency office for gauge testing, if your canner has a gauge.

2 comments on “Pressure Canner Refurbishment

  1. I have a kook-kwick 606.116 any ideas, suggestions on the over pressure plug? Can I remove the overpressure stem and rep,ace with the presto overpressure plug?

    • Beth Ann,

      Is this the one with the funky clamp-ring-thing that holds the lid on? If so … the best recommendation I have is to do some research to determine if that ring is safe. Another manufacturer had a similar ring setup and it definitely was not safe. I don’t know about this one.

      If by “overpressure stem” you mean some sort of metal valve sticking out of the lid – I suspect it cannot be replaced by any modern overpressure plug. But, if we are talking about that one with the clamp-ring: you really need to find someone other than me to ask! That is definitely outside of my wheel-house! 🙂


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