7 comments on “Bosch Universal UM 3 Manual

  1. Thanks for posting the manual. I inherited a UM 3 that had been boxed up since 2001 and there was no manual with it.



  2. Thank you for making this available! I have my mothers old bosh and it is hard to find parts or manuals for it. I had not idea there were so many attachments.

  3. Do you have a manual that describes how to clean the gear shaft? I have a UM3 model but no longer have the manual.


  4. I just bought the Bosch um3. Cannot afford any thing else no manual with. I am trying to do bread as my daughter and I are both gluten sensitive. Have bread machine but the recipe we like the most isn’t done in machine but would like to expand to raisin bread and so on. I bought the machine 2nd hand no manual and on the side was an area for something else ??? I did receive. Beaters. Dough hook and shred,slicers, but nothing for the side . Was wondering what it could be. If I could get the basic manual for this machine I would appreciate it.


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